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Australian National Championships – Day 2

The second day is about to begin for the 2016 National Championships. Day one was an amazing day with the biggest turn out of players at a National level event (between the old and new game). We’d like to thank everyone who came, and we’re very proud of the way everyone played.


The dust settled after 7 rounds of Swiss, with the following players making top cut;

Tobye Ryan – Red Ruthless Broly
Rhys McGlinn – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Bailey Packer – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Karl Fletcher – Blue Tag Team Trunks
Jacob El-Ahmad – Orange Adaptive Android 20
Neville Pearson – Red Ruthless Broly
David Birch – Red Ruthless Broly
Joshua Craig – Red Enraged Android 13
Damien Hutchins – Blue Tag Team 13
Nathan Ash – Saiyan Rampaing Raditz
Fahad Rahman – Black Devious Krillin
Ben Sinnbeck – Black Devious Krillin
Jason Lintott – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Blair Simpson – Blue Protective Ginyu
David Spencer – Red Ruthless Broly
Dylan Freckleton – Red Enraged Android 13

Top cut will begin at approximately 10.45 AEDT

Streaming will be available HERE


Top 8

Rhys McGlinn vs David Spencer
Damien Hutchins vs David Birch
Fahad Rahman vs Jacob El-AhmadJason Lintott vs Bailey Packer

Top 4

Damien Hutchins vs David Spencer
Fahad Rahman vs Bailey Packer

Top 2

The final, and our two World Championship Qualifiers;

Fahad Rahman vs Damien Hutchins

Congratulations Fahad Rahman. National Champion 2016