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Dragon Ball Z Awakening Preview #5: Namekian Surge

We’re surging with excitement for Awakening in a few weeks, and today’s preview should have a few people excited as well. But before Awakening hits, we also have the Australian National Qualifier next weekend. We will be streaming matches over two days, Swiss on Saturday and Top Cut on Sunday with the Top 2 earning invites to Worlds. You can catch the action on our Twitch stream here, so get subscribing.

This card has been described to us as “the best card in the set”, and it’s easy to see why they had that opinion. Namekian Surge offers so much on one card, it is just overflowing with value.

If we look at the basics of the card as an attack, its a 5 life card energy attack, for a cost of 1 stage! So even without modifiers you have a chance to access critical damage for an amazing cost. It also has 2 endurance, so its just one of those cards that you have to take notice of just for the value it provides as an attack and in deck for damage prevention.

Surging with value
Surging with value

But then, you look at the immediate effects of the card and you can realise what was meant when being called the best card in the set. Without diving too much into a combo, you could grab Earth Ball 1 and pump the damage to 6 Life cards for this attack. If you’re using the new Radiant Mastery, and its the 3rd Earth Ball in play you own, that’s another 2 life cards. So you could be hitting for 8 life, costing 1 stage!

Fan’s of Slug and all his potential new combos will also see some benefits with the end of combat effects of shuffling back a Dragon Ball you control. The combos with this card are potentially limitless.

With all the value on this card, it will be hard to top. But our last preview later this week will go very close, and in some eyes may even be better.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).