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MetaX TCG – Justice League Previews #4

It’s now only three weeks away to MetaX launch, and there is a lot to look forward to. Coming up this week we have SDCC, with Panini Games providing Demos and free promos each day of the convention. This will be a huge chance for people to get a look at the game, and it will be exciting to see how the four days pan out.

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall

But before then, we’ll take a look at a few more Justice League previews to help build anticipation.

Team Attacks are something everyone should take at least one look

at, and today’s character adds more fuel to that fire. Amanda Waller’s effect shows a little more of the flavour that can come into the game. Her affiliation with teams like the Suicide Squad is replicated here by her ability to allow your villain characters to link to a team attack as soon as they enter play.

This can be a strong strategy when teamed with Nightwing, and villains that help you generate either MP, via Poison Ivy, or provide some tech against high ranked characters, like Mr Freeze.

She’s no MP slouch herself either. Providing an impressive 4 MP when played, which goes a long way to help resource Team Attack strategies. This is definitely a card to consider if you’re looking to add some villain effects to your Nightwing team attack deck.

Don’t push me

Then for today’s battle card previews, we have a couple that could team up together in some aggro or mid-range decks, or be

selectively used in control decks.

Having your opponents characters in a “pushed” position takes away some of their lingering threat, so being able to force your opponent into a position where they may not have the defenders they plan to respond with can help you win some extra VP.

Our 3 Intelligence Battle Card gives your opponent something else to think about when they are declaring their attacks. With this card potentially looming as a defense, the threat of not having a defender is just another way you can have your opponent searching for answers.

Adding an extra 3 MP to your resource pool just adds to the value in the card, and it’s definitely something that could see a range of uses.

And then finally, our 6 Strength Battle Card will see a fair bit of play

Push it real good

in more aggro decks. With another push effect to add to the card pool, teaming these two cards up in consecutive turns could leave your opponent either locked down into not declaring attacks to save defenders, or having to go for broke and seeing who can push to 7 VP the quickest and leaving no one in reserve.

These two battle cards would be in the list of cards making up a lot of decklists.

This week before SDCC, look for our next Intro video which will explore the characters in the Evil United, how they combo together, and some suggestions to add to the decks via some of the booster characters.

Game On!
– Trent and Kristel