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Local Championships Leaderboard

After all the Local Championship events have concluded, the results have been tallied and we have a new leading champion on the hunt for that elusive World Championship invite. The leaderboard is accessible on the Local Championships information page.

Congratulations to Juliano Stadlmann from Queensland who is on top with 26 points.

However, it’s a tightly fought race and with five Regional Championship events on the horizon and an all-new meta to work through, who will prevail?

2016 Guf Launceston Dragon Ball Z Local Championships Tournament Report

Guf Launceston Local Championships - Cameron (Top 2)
Guf Launceston Local Championships – Cameron (Top 2)

The first of our Dragon Ball Z Local Championships took place in Launceston with a small but mighty contingent of Z Warriors battling it out for state pride. Top Tassie players Grant, Kehnan, Cameron and Ryan were keen to claim the Local Championships title and keep it safe to celebrate Tasmania’s first large OP event, while Victorian interloper Nick plotted to unleash the pain on an unsuspecting meta.

P6045680With travel stipends and World Championship invite points on the line, as well as bragging rights, competition was fierce. With no Blue or Namekian decks to be seen, there was still a variety of styles and main personalities on offer.  Four players elected for Black Style, three Orange, two Saiyan and one Red while personalities observed in the field included Yamcha (x3), Cell, Tien, Krillin, Android 20, Trunks, Android 18 and Ginyu making up the remaining numbers.

Guf Launceston Top 4 - Nick
Guf Launceston Local Championships – Nick (Top 4)

With the recent announced changes to the Current Rulings Document and the short time period prior to the event, players were understandably wary of utilising Namekian Cell.

After two rounds and a lunch break, Grant (Orange Adaptive 20), Kehnan (Black Devious Ginyu) and Nick (Orange Adaptive Yamcha) were all undefeated.

Brutal third round matches saw both Kehnan and Nick drop games with only Grant undefeated, but all three players made it through to the Top 4 final cut.

The Top 4 players were:

  1. Grant D. (Orange Adaptive 20)
  2. Cameron D. (Black Devious Yamcha)
  3. Nick S. (Orange Adaptive Yamcha)
  4. Kehnan W. (Black Devious Ginyu)

At the conclusion of the Top Cut rounds, Grant stood victorious, sweeping the tournament with a clean sheet (7-0). More Local Championship events are scheduled to take place next weekend – will you be there?

Guf Launceston Champion - Grant
Guf Launceston Local Championships Winner – Grant

If you have any questions regarding TAK Games organised play, please contact us at dbz@tak-games.com.au, via our Facebook page TAK Games or group Dragonball Z TCG Australia or via Twitter @TAKGames_au.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp).