TAK Games > Dragon Ball Z Vengeance Preview #5 and 6 – Red Android Palm Blast and Saiyan Terrifying Strike

Dragon Ball Z Vengeance Preview #5 and 6 – Red Android Palm Blast and Saiyan Terrifying Strike

The weekend saw two more Local Championship events decided, with Jono C. coming out on top on the Gold Coast with Red Garlic, and Blair S. taking out Perth with Blue Protective Ginyu. A tournament report for the Gold Coast is available on our blog here. Jono stuck with Red for his choice of preview while Blair upgraded to Saiyan. These cards definitely fit nicely with a few of the Vengeance MPs revealed thus far.

Red Neck Android?
Red Neck Android?

Red Android Palm Blast is bound to make some players who are keen to explore Android 13 a little bit more excited. Firstly, being a card with “Android” in the title, it fits nicely with some of his MP powers. On level 1, it will feed your anger to press for higher levels at a faster rate. On level 2, this card could be rejuvenated from the banished zone. And then finally, with his level 4, hopefully these powers and cards have maxed out your damage buff to help press home your advantage in the final stretch.

The card also has a great effect when combined with the Red Enraged Mastery, if it gets destroyed from your deck. Note that it is only destroyed and not discarded so the effect would only trigger off effects that say destroy. Generating a critical damage effect will help you generate more anger and potentially slow down your opponent. However, the Red Enraged Mastery may not obtain the full benefit of the card.

The attack itself isn’t going to push out damage for you, but when you team it with the Red Ruthless Mastery, you could combo out some nice attacks. With the damage being minimal, it’s likely that you will get close to full value for the hit effect. So that ineffective card in your hand, could turn into the best attack out of the top 3 cards of your life deck.

All in all, a nice solid card to add to potential Red Android decks.

Saiyan Terrifying Strike is going to strike some fear into opponents who were thinking they may be able to mitigate some of the damage Broly promises to mete out by gaining stages back with effects.

Punish those stages gained
Punish those stages gained!

This card is a pure damage machine. If your opponent has tried to play around your damage output, the attack becomes unstoppable. And given the attack is AT +4 stages – the damage you can dispense will have significance.

With both masteries, you can also net yourself an anger gain of 2 from the attack hitting, so it could help you press for higher levels on those great Saiyan MPs.

There’s no tricks to this card, just straight out terrifying damage.

The last two Local Championships are due to play out this weekend, with Ballarat on Saturday (pre-register now) and Newcastle on Sunday (pre-register now). We have two more Orange style cards from Vengeance to preview this week as well as an exciting update on the Regionals scheduled for this Australian Organised Play season.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).