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Welcome to the world of Meta X – Card Preview #1

It’s time for universes to collide! Meta X (pronounced Meta Cross) is due for release on the 4th of August. But before then, we have a taste of things to come. Thanks to the team at Panini Games we have

The power of fear

some previews to help build things up to release.


As part of the “Evil United” starter decks, Sinestro is unleashed with the energy of fear. And his effect does create something to fear if he

is played. His effect negates the next time the opponent has a chance to draw a card, and this includes on their draw step at the beginning of the turn.

Denying your opponent even one card can twist those next turns to your favour. It could mean that they can’t play a character to generate more MP, or they may not draw a battle card to attack or defend with, allowing you to get an upper hand on VP.

He doesn’t generate much MP, to offset against the strong effect he creates when played, but his stats do open him up to accessing some awesome battle cards. With his two different stats, and a high rank of 6 on Special, you’ll need two cards on average to KO him.

Sinestro also comes with as an alt art uncommon, as shown below.

Teaming up with Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, and Harley Quinn is none other than Brainiac. He also comes with starter and uncommon alt art cards.

Like most of the villains in the “Evil United” starter deck, he doesn’t create much MP when played, but he makes up for this by being an on demand MP generator by having the effect to push and generate 4 MP.

Can you outsmart him?

The downside of having to KO one of your characters can seem a little rough, but if you had a full board of characters, and someone with damage attached who might be KO’d within the next turn, gaining MP might be a much better option.

The villain starter is slow to generate MP, so Brainiac goes a long way to helping that, so you can access strong Event or Battle Cards.


And with his 7 Intelligence stat, there are a few high impact battle cards he can use to help swing the game in your favour.

One of these cards is the 7 Intelligence, -1MP Battle Card here. Being a Rank 7 battle card, it allows you to KO nearly every character in the game with one hit, and this is only made better by it’s low cost. You would normally see a cost of around 3 MP for a 7

Low cost, tick. High rank, tick

rank card.

But the effect you want to use intelligently. Being able to set up your next 3 draws, pick what card your opponent might gain as a VP, or being able to put cards to the bottom that may not have impact at that point of the game is a very strong effect.

Keep an eye out for more reveals. Below you can see the alt art versions of the starter villains cards. In our next learn to play series video, you can catch a few of my favourite cards from playtesting.

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Game on!






“To instill fear is to instill order” Sinestro Corp
Evil intelligence