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MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #1

Welcome to spoiler season for the high anticipated upcoming release of Attack On Titan for MetaX. This set will begin to showcase some of the crossover nature of the different properties being brought into the MetaX engine, and really give players a feel of how they will be able to stand out on their own as well.

The latest reveal on the Panini Games blog focused on the Titan’s and some of their unique features, most notably their higher maximum rank then we have previously seen.

To keep the flow going, our first preview is Big Mouth Titan.

Big Mouth? Big value!

With all three stats, and a maximum rank of 7, this beast will be just as hard to take down as characters like Superman and Batman from previous sets. The draw back being that this Titan generates no MP for being played onto the board.

But it’s the effect that really sets this card apart. Titan’s fit into more aggressive, or at very least some tempo type decks that can hit hard when they need to. Keeping your Colossal Titan, or Armoured Titan on the field is especially key to big swing effects like the event Brutality featured on the blog.

Something that can pair nicely with most Titan’s is Wall Breach. Rank 5 decks are proving popular with some players, and they can give aggressive Titan decks a little bit to break through before getting down to business.

Goodbye Rank 5

This event gives a nice low cost, while replacing itself in your hand, and punishes those max rank 5 strategies your opponent might be focusing on.

And last but not least, a handy little Multi-Stat battle card that you can not only consider for Titan focused decks, but could also make an appearance into mixed set decks relying on a few rank 7 characters.

MP is a precious commodity in Titan decks, with most well behind the curve in generating MP when played. This makes low cost battle cards that can help you conserve MP for other more cards that create more impact even more important.

Multi-Stat value

You could look to pair this card with Armoured Titan to give it more chance of gaining you a VP. And by giving you another card back in hand you can either keep the pressure on your opponent, or dig for that next card to help in coming turns.

Look for more previews every couple of days until closer to release, and don’t forget to check back again tomorrow as we look at another card of the week. This week we’ll look to team a card from Green Lantern in with some of the effects you’re seeing in Attack On Titan.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp