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TAK Talk #5 – The Regionals Round-Up

At the time of recording TAK Talk #5, Victorian players Lee, David, Tobye and Barry had just received word of what had made top cut in Queensland regionals following a small 17-man pre-regionals tune up event in Mount Waverley. Listen in on their thoughts regarding the best card in the game (hint: it’s blue); the Queensland top 8 results and what they predict will win the Victorian regionals event.

As it turns out, none of us are particularly good at predicting the future – but perhaps players this weekend at Newcastle will have better luck!

TAK Talk #4 – SDCC Interview with Panini’s Aik Tongtharadol

The TAK Games San Diego Comic Con edition special – Kristel sits down with Aik Tongtharadol in a converted bank vault and discusses the upcoming regional season, game design considerations and more. It’s a short but very sweet interview. Major thanks to Aik for taking a break from the busy SDCC scene to sit down and chat!

TAK Talk #3 – Movie Collection Reveal and Future Deck Choices

To celebrate Movie Collection being revealed in all its glory, Trent took some time out after the final TAK Games Set 2 Constructed event in Brisbane to talk to Jono, Michael, Brendan, Chris and Rory about their future deck choices, what they consider the important new cards for those decks, and possible ways to help play test those decks in an effective manner.

It was an exciting discussion and we’re all looking forward to what the new set brings to the game.

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@justkyp).

TAK Talk #2 – Movie Collection Preview Reveal and Discussion

Movie Collection Set 3 excitement is off the charts! Following the TAK Games June ‘Bring a Mate’ event, Kyp sits down with Harry, Carl, David and Fahad, some of Melbourne’s top players, to discuss what has them excited about Movie Collection. We also unveil a new Movie Collection preview – Red Mule Kick.

TAK Talk #1 – Introducing TAK Talk

Movie Collection previews are here! We also unveil a few more details on the Australian regional and national season. We are mixing things up this time around with previews and talking new card powers in our first ever TAK Talk podcast episode. Tune in to find out more about Lord Slug – the ally, yes, ally – and how Black spin kicks Ginyu in the behind once Movie Collection launches. We will unveil card images for these two tomorrow!