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Dragon Ball Z Vengeance Previews #7 and #8 – Agent Orange

Fierce, by Vegeta
Fierce, by Vegeta

With Vengeance a little over a week away, the hype levels are well and truly over 9000 now. Our last previews make for some sound additions to Orange style and will hopefully see some play after release.

Orange Fierce Attack offers some really great effects for an energy attack that costs only 1 stage. The immediate effect is quite solid, in making your attacks unpreventable. This immediately shuts down endurance, Master Roshi, and other popular prevention methods. Team this with Orange Aura Drill in play, then a sequence of Orange Offensive Strikes, you are going to be leaving your opponent with at least a good chunk of damage taken.

The hit effect adds to something that can be Orange’s Achilles Heel. Both anger gain, and control your opponent’s anger are hard things to come by in Orange. Outside of Orange Devouring Drill, leveling in Orange can be a little bit harder than a lot of other styles due to the small incremental raise effects it has. Hopefully this card can add to its arsenal.

The attack also has a decent endurance attached to it, so the value of the card increases again. So hopefully this is one for Orange players to get excited about.

Don't worry Kakarot, I've got this
Don’t worry Kakarot, I’ve got this!

Next up, Orange Intimidating Drill adds a little more bite to the Orange Adept Mastery camp. Orange Intimidating Drill can team up nicely with the Adept Mastery to help leverage another potential action during combat to press advantages.

There are also clear uses with MPs like Set 1 Goku Level 3 who create effects to rejuvenate a drill during combat. It also brings back into play some cards like Orange Energy Evasion that rejuvenate drills from the discard as well.

So you can team these cards up nicely to have some great synergy with some existing cards to help push forward some potential new combinations and further your game.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).