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Movie Collection Preview #3 – Blue Surround

Physical attack. DAMAGE: 5 stages. HIT: Attach to your opponent's MP. While attached at the start of your opponent's Rejuvenation Step, your opponent destroys a Setup or Drill if he did not declare Combat that turn. Banish this card when your opponent changes levels.Time for another Movie Collection – Set 3 preview and today we want to show off a new Blue card that will help both aggressive and control variants with some board control.

Blue Surround is a great card that is going to fit into a few decks, and will play havoc with some of those players looking to sit on a personality level and gain board control. Except for the condition stated on the card, there aren’t currently that many cards capable of detaching it. So you’re going to cause those decks without any anger gain (we’re looking at you, SDCC Krillin!) some real pain.

And being Blue, even if you have a deck that wants to move levels you can work your magic on their anger to help stall their plans. Forcing them into combats that they might only have an average hand at best will make sure that you gain some form of advantage, whichever avenue they take.

If you team this with drills like Blue Biting Drill, you can even beef up some of the damage output from MPs that might stay around bracket A-C. We’re excited for the way they are taking Blue with more assistance to aggressive play styles. It should be interesting to see what new decks people come up with to show off the full range now available to Blue style.

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Game on!

-Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).