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Dragon Ball Z TCG Vengeance Preview #1 – Blue Discharge

“On wrongs swift vengeance awaits.” – Alexander Pope

The time has come for Vengeance to be sought after, in more ways than one. Many thanks to Panini for sharing with us 8 exclusive preview cards from Vengeance that shall be unveiled over the next two weeks.

Our first card from Dragon Ball Z’s sixth expansion Vengeance can pack a punch, but it is very conditional and might leave you hanging.

Got allies?
Got allies?

Blue Discharge has a great damage output for the power stage cost. At the same ratio to Blue Ki Build Up, it equals the highest damage Blue can output without modifiers. The biggest drawback to the card is having to have an ally in play to be able to play the card.

This condition leaves it mostly in the realm of the Tag Team Mastery if you want to ensure you have the maximum chance to gain the effectiveness of the card. However, in Protective builds, because it is only prevented from being “played” if you have no ally in play, you could still discard it as an energy combat for a block. Both builds have their upsides, so it would really be a call based on the probability you feel of meeting the condition and having a use for the card in hand on an average turn.

The anger control is great, as it can function in four different ways for you. So it can help keep you or your opponent from levelling, or help you or your opponent to level. This provides some great utility in a lot of match ups.

The hit effect also gives Blue another option to cycle out another ally of your choice from the discard, replacing one that may not be effective in your current match up with someone that will. Maybe you can ditch that Recoome for your Nappa who was destroyed via a crit. Or swap one control hero ally for another based on the current game state.

Overall, this card may see some play in various ally build decks. It could be teamed with Blue Training as well to help trigger more mill effects.

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Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).