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Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Panini Games

TAK Games is delighted to announce we have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia with Panini America, Inc., covering all new card and strategy games to be created under the Panini Games brand.

Our partnership starts with the highly anticipated launch of Meta X TCG (pronounced Meta Cross) featuring DC’s Justice League in August 2017. Solicitations for pre-orders will be forwarded to stores this week.

Meta X TCG’s gameplay is simple enough to teach players the basics within a few minutes, but the depth of play will excite even the most veteran players out there! The ability to add more universes to the initial release of Justice League will help broaden appeal and guarantee game longevity.

TAK Games’ mission has centred around driving deep and meaningful interactions between players and stores, built around a robust organised play system. Our core focus is to provide people who want to play our supported game bases with what they expect for tournament play, and retailers with quality games that will have people returning to their stores time and again.

With Meta X, everyone can look forward to even more opportunities to engage in organised play. Store based tournaments will be supported on launch with large scale regional events to be held prior to the end of 2017. Meta X and other Panini Games titles will be promoted via conventions, social media and other mediums to build the player base. Expect a massive presence at PAX Australia this year, with demos, giveaways and tournaments to be supported throughout the 3-day event.

TAK Games are thrilled to have this opportunity to work closely with the talented team at Panini Games, and we look forward to seeing more people enjoy the games and events to follow.

Game on!


FanZ Reveal | Pikkon MP

The fine folks working on FanZ have been kind enough to provide us with a preview MP stack of everyone’s favourite non-Namekian, Pikkon. Dragon Ball Z is no stranger to green men who wear weighted clothing that like to rejuvenate (lots), and Pikkon provides us with some interesting new effects.

Looking at Pikkon’s MP stack as a whole, he provides players with access to a new Hero alignment. Similar to Cooler, players can supplement deck construction by aligning Pikkon to styles that normally don’t have access to rejuvenation.

A massive draw card for Pikkon is how he provides a massive deterrent to your opponent playing events. This accelerates card effects to the next level, and provides a contrast to previously forced CRD changes to Namekian Knowledge Mastery (where the updated text did not punish opponents for playing Dragon Balls). It will be very interesting to see what effect Pikkon’s MP stack has on meta calls, and could restrict some deck building choices.

All his levels just ooze virtual card advantage.

As hinted by the FanZ team when previewing Pikkon’s named cards, Pikkon is definitely not a fan of Events, with his Level 1 having a built-in sphere that comes at a very reasonable price. The only drawback is that the event must be played as an action, so there’s no chance of cancelling Time or protecting your own events from an opponent’s sphere. His energy attack is more of a poke than any real danger but does allow targeted rejuvenation from the discard pile, and it is free. Very useful depending on your game state!

His Level 2 constant power actively punishes opponents for playing events, allowing you to rejuvenate while banishing the top card from your opponent’s life deck. Quite nasty! His power also allows more rejuvenation – Pikkon’s a hard guy to kill – while allowing Pikkon to dance out of danger at the price of a discarded card.

Pikkon’s Level 3 sees his free energy attack reach new levels of power. Would an opponent bother to try to play events when Pikkon is on Level 3? They are certainly harshly punished for doing so! These effects may be polarising in the community as it does severely punish players for their usage of an entire type of card. Throwing out a Stare Down or Confrontation to start out your combat is probably not recommended when Pikkon is at his fighting best.

At Level 4, Pikkon is a rejuvenating machine. Until now, your opponent has had to pay a price for playing their events – now they’re actively helping you stage a late game comeback. Another free energy attack sees Pikkon poke for 1 life card… but your opponent is going to want to stop it to prevent banishing the bottom 5 cards of their Life Deck. That’s a fair whack!

Free energy attacks are always great as they can enable players to sequence their combats. With strong rejuvenation abilities across all levels, Pikkon is a fair chance of getting on top in deck count early, or staging a mid to late game come back if he falls behind, no matter what he is up against.

Overall, Pikkon seems to be keeping with the overall large increase in MP powers and effects, and should provide players with some new unique ways to interact.

Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).

Organised Play Announcement

The Dragon Ball Z TCG announcement from Panini today has hit the playing and collecting community hard. While we are devastated at the shocking news as many fellow players are, we are also immensely proud of the Australian community that you all have contributed to building over the last two years. We have been privileged to be part of amazing community experiences: from watching our inaugural National Champion Fahad Rahman take out 4th place at the 2015 World Championships, to our pride as Tobye broke the Saiyan hoodoo worldwide in 2015, to hosting a Nationals event in 2016 that smashed all previous attendance records, to being observers of some amazing acts of generosity in the community, whether it be helping a new player get started with gifts of cards or helping replace a misplaced deck in thirty minutes at Nationals. This community is special – to us, and to those who have played a pivotal part in it. It is our fervent hope that you have enjoyed TAK’s organised play programs as much as we have enjoyed building them for the community.

TAK Games has always had a focus on running organised play events, and that is what we plan to continue to build in 2017 and beyond. Tournament event notices for Dragon Ball Z and Final Fantasy happening in Melbourne in late January have been posted today, which mark the first of our cash prize tournaments and underline our commitment to arranging the best organised play tournament experiences we can for the community. Events will be held regularly in Melbourne and Brisbane, and in other states as demand dictates. We will also be looking to expand to other games in the future, depending on the desire from the community.

We will continue supporting Dragon Ball Z tournaments for as long as the community wants to play them, and look forward to seeing virtual card sets from former developers, updated CRDs and more. Prizes will continue to be distributed to retailers as well as at our own hosted events. The size of these events entirely depends on you, the player, and the rest of the community. As long as there are players willing to keep our beloved game alive, we will do our best to support you all with tournament events, whether you attend our events or events at your friendly local game store.

The Final Fantasy TCG represents a new frontier for us and we plan to fully support growing large-scale events for this new TCG. We hope some of you will join us!

This is only a small taste of what we have planned for 2017. Watch this space for new games, and an expanded TAK Games organised play circuit. We are excited for the year ahead, and we hope to continue to provide you with awesome events for you all to participate in.

Thank you all, and it’s definitely still… Game on!

– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).


Less than a week until PAX Australia!

Our second favourite weekend of the year!
Our second favourite weekend of the year!

It’s time! The gaming world is about to descend on Melbourne for all things video and tabletop gaming. For the second year in a row, TAK Games will be there conducting Dragon Ball Z TCG demonstrations and Learn to Play events. This year we’ll be adding Panini’s brand new game, Afterworld TCG, to the mix!

pax16-mapIf you are attending PAX, please drop by our booth at TT730 and say hello!

Every day at PAX will see three Learn to Play Dragon Ball Z TCG sealed events kick off. For $35 entry, players will receive a starter and 3 booster packs. Everyone will receive a prize for playing, and there will be plenty of cool prizes up for grabs including Dragon Ball Z playmats, deck boxes, sleeves and more!

Already know how to play Dragon Ball Z TCG and want to throw down with Australia’s best? Gunslinging will be available all weekend. Come and challenge Worlds invitees Fahad and David to a game! Help them power up for Worlds! Australia’s Ruthless master, Tobye, will also be available for gunslinging challenges. Bring your own deck or use one of ours! Gunslinging prizes are guaranteed regardless of results!

Afterworld Playmat
Afterworld Playmat

Cosplaying as Goku or Master Roshi? Looking to catch all the Dragon Balls (pins) at PAX? Turn up to our booth in a Dragon Ball Z inspired cosplay and receive a free starter deck of Awakening (while stocks last).

If you’re interested in checking out Afterworld, demos and learn to play tournaments will be running on demand all weekend! Win playmats, binders, art prints and promos!

Calling all volunteers!

We’d love your help at PAX. If you would like to provide support in the form of conducting demos for new players, please let us know!

Volunteers will be rostered on for up to two 3-hour shifts each day they are available. Volunteers will receive an entry pass to check out the rest of PAX on the days they are rostered on.

If you would like to volunteer, please email us at dbz@tak-games.com.au and provide us with the times and days you are available.

We can’t wait to enjoy this awesome gaming weekend!

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).

Australian Nationals 2016 Recap

The year has been a massive for Organised Play in Australia, with Regional Championships seeing some strong numbers across the board. Over $20,000 in prizes on top of the amazing promos and booster prizes have been handed out over the course of the year, and next year we’re hoping to make things bigger and better again.

2016 culminated in the biggest showing of players the game had seen in Australia, including past National events in the old game. 98 players descended on Melbourne to compete over the two days to be crowned National Champion, and earn one of the two World Championship invites up for grabs.

With the ebb and flow of recent results across Australia and the US, it was interesting to see the vast differences in decks that turned out. Broly, Cooler, and Piccolo had the strongest showing, after all three have recently shown their dominance across Regional events. But play styles were evenly split across Black, Red, Namekian, and Saiyan Styles making who you drew in your matchups even more important with such a varied field. A full breakdown can be found here.

A few handsome roosters
A few handsome roosters


After 7 tense rounds, our Top 16 was an amazing mix of old and new guard players. Making up the field were;

Tobye Ryan – Red Ruthless Broly
Rhys McGlinn – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Bailey Packer – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Karl Fletcher – Blue Tag Team Trunks
Jacob El-Ahmad – Orange Adaptive Android 20
Neville Pearson – Red Ruthless Broly
David Birch – Red Ruthless Broly
Joshua Craig – Red Enraged Android 13
Damien Hutchins – Blue Tag Team Android 13
Nathan Ash – Saiyan Rampaging Raditz
Fahad Rahman – Black Devious Krillin
Ben Sinnbeck – Black Devious Krillin
Jason Lintott – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Blair Simpson – Blue Protective Ginyu
David Spencer – Red Ruthless Broly
Dylan Freckleton – Red Enraged Android 13

Day 2 brought some of the closest matches many of the players had ever faced. Grinding their way into the Top 4 match ups were;

Fahad Rahman (Black Krillin) vs Bailey Packer (Namekian Piccolo)

Both players turned back the clock in their match up with decks

Top 16 kicks off
Top 16 kicks off

very reminiscent of 2015. Fahad got the burst on Bailey early, dealing some damage to try and push through a tough match up. But towards the end, Bailey got back into the game as only Namekian Piccolo can. He accelerated to Level 4 with the help of Namekian Leaping Kick to try and shut off Fahad using the immediate effects of any Dragon Balls he could steal. The match was tense, with 6 Dragon Balls on Fahad’s side of the field, and the final one sitting with Bailey, protected by Knowledge Mastery, but just a successful Optic Blast away. In the end, Fahad was able to push through enough damage at the end to leave Bailey to draw out on his turn.

David Spencer (Red Ruthless Broly) vs Damien Hutchins (Blue Tag Team Android 13)

Over the course of 2016, David showed that he has been the most

Top 16, or the Bar?
Top 16, or the Bar?

consistent player in Australia, and his top 4 showing at Nationals was no exception. And in this game, he became the gatekeeper to a potential invite for Damien. Coming from a strong background in MTG, Damien showed some great play to push the game all the way. Both players looked to push out some strong damage against their opponent. But this was David’s undoing in the end, as Damien grabbed the win, and an invite to Worlds on the back of milling David for 5 cards after blocking with 13’s Impenetrable Defense while David was on 0 power stages.

The Final!

It was fitting that the day end with an epic best of three encounter that took all three games to decide the winner. In game one, Fahad kept Damien on his toes, with his deck always looking for options to block or get out of combat as fast as it could. Damien used his Beerus ally in game one from the start, and his Nappa ally not seeing much play. This ended up deciding the first match with the Tag Team mastery unable to help him keep Fahad from using his board to grind out the game.

But in game two, Damien showed how skillful a player he was, and that he can quickly learn and adapt. Nappa came in quickly and quite possibly never left the field all game. Things looked like they were getting close in the end, but Damien was able to take game two to push a decider.

The final game of the tournament was a true testament to Fahad, and his amazing ability to think through a great number of plays to see the correct path to take. Damien pushed his Nappa ally to its limits keeping Fahad under control. But it was a bridge too far, and Fahad came away as National Champion for the second year running.


Congratulations again to our Australian qualifiers for the World Championships; Fahad, Damien, and David. We will be there with them in Texas, and we promise to help you follow their progress over the weekend.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).