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Card of the Week – March 9th

Attack On Titan previews are flying thick and fast at the moment, with the new release only three weeks away. There have been a lot of the shows main antagonists, the Titans.

While their effects and stats are quite powerful, they lack that little something extra to help them to be more consistent against decks that actively look to punish their plans.

Enter, this week’s card of the week;

Superboy-Prime offers a lot to assist your Titan based deck. His stats compliment a lot of the Titan’s available battle cards, as well as offering some nice resilience by having three stats. He can assist in MP generation as well which can be a Titan deck’s downfall.

But the main thing that gives this card value when played with Titans is his effect. At the start of each of your turn’s you can make him a Titan for card effects, which comes in handy for things like Devour, and other Titan stamped card effects. But stopping your opponent from searching their deck is the one thing that sets this card apart when adding to a Titan deck.

Coming into Attack On Titan, there are a lot of “toolbox” effects, adding onto an already solid pool of effects like Leap Into Action, Passion for the Hunt, and more.

While he may be an Ultra Rare card, he is certainly worth the investment, as he can look to supplement many other strategies as well.

Check back again tomorrow as we take a look at more Attack On Titan previews!

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp