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MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #3

We’re almost two weeks away from Attack On Titan release, and that means spoilers are almost complete. One of the last traits within this set was revealed today on the Panini Games blog was the Military Police Regiment.

Hitch Dreyse is a solid MP engine, both in Military Police decks, but also in mixed decks that might need the boost. With a potential MP gain of 5 upon entering play, she is certainly something you can look at to feed some of your high cost Event’s or Battle Cards.

The stats featured also help fit into Rank 5 focused decks to give you some more control on being able to trigger the effect when you need to.

If your opponent’s MP is becoming a little more of a concern for you as well, this Special 2 battle card should give you a tool to manage it proactively as well.

This can come in handy for your turn after you have defended your opponent’s attacks. Less MP means your opponent needs to block with potentially lower ranked battle cards, giving your characters a little more resilience. It also plays nicely into MP draining type decks using cards like Scarecrow from Justice League, leaving your opponent having to think twice about using any costly Events.

And our last preview today is another shield effect battle card that fits nicely into control type builds.

This Strength 6 battle card can keep your opponent guessing on what they need to do on their turn. They have to keep guessing by either keeping more characters prepped for defense, therefore keeping your characters on the field longer and focusing more on your offensive phase. Or, they need to go all out in the hopes they can push through effects like this.

All in all, while these cards may be commons, they certainly offer up more value then their rarity might suggest.

Keep on checking back for more previews leading into the final spoiler week next week.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #2

The Attack On Titan previews keep rolling in, and some of the potential combos shown by the Scout Regiment on the Panini Games blog are certainly catching attention.

In the first two sets of MetaX, healing VP has been something that isn’t focused on when it comes to deck building. You might have found a use for the odd Doctor Fate in decks that used Rank 7 special cards or you could have swapped the VP using Slight of Hand, but otherwise when you’ve taken a VP you had to chalk it up as a lost card. But now there are some nice Attack On Titan cards that bring the strategy a little closer to mainstream.

Machinations comes at a cost that is creeping towards the higher end of the scale for Events, but it allows you to directly reduce one of your opponents VP, and puts that card into your discard pile which can be a handy place to fetch cards from with other effects.

It also means that you need to max out your rank 7 intelligence cards in deck, so you’ll have to be looking at characters like Batman and Lex Luther from Justice League, or Black Hand and Atom from Green Lantern. But there are some nice Intelligence 7 battle cards to choose from.

Like this new one from Attack On Titan.

It’s low cost is a huge plus, but you do need to be using the card defensively to gain its benefit. The effect can be quite handy for more control type builds that might lean on healing VP strategies, by allowing you to clear one of the defenders your opponent has ear marked for your next turn. So teamed with Machinations, you could get a nice 2 VP swing in two turns.

Another Rank 7 Battle card that you could add to this strategy could be this Special 7 as well.

At a cost of 5 MP, it matches Machinations for the same outcome. But being a Rank 7 Battle Card you have the added bonus that it is going to KO the vast majority of characters you block with it.

Batman UR from Justice League becomes the most ideal character if you are going to be using these cards in an overall strategy.

So don’t let your opponents VP get you down anymore. If you’re keen to get them a little disheartened in a match, healing your VP has become a little more attainable once Attack On Titan releases later this month.

Check out more previews again over the coming days.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Attack On Titan Preview #1

Welcome to spoiler season for the high anticipated upcoming release of Attack On Titan for MetaX. This set will begin to showcase some of the crossover nature of the different properties being brought into the MetaX engine, and really give players a feel of how they will be able to stand out on their own as well.

The latest reveal on the Panini Games blog focused on the Titan’s and some of their unique features, most notably their higher maximum rank then we have previously seen.

To keep the flow going, our first preview is Big Mouth Titan.

Big Mouth? Big value!

With all three stats, and a maximum rank of 7, this beast will be just as hard to take down as characters like Superman and Batman from previous sets. The draw back being that this Titan generates no MP for being played onto the board.

But it’s the effect that really sets this card apart. Titan’s fit into more aggressive, or at very least some tempo type decks that can hit hard when they need to. Keeping your Colossal Titan, or Armoured Titan on the field is especially key to big swing effects like the event Brutality featured on the blog.

Something that can pair nicely with most Titan’s is Wall Breach. Rank 5 decks are proving popular with some players, and they can give aggressive Titan decks a little bit to break through before getting down to business.

Goodbye Rank 5

This event gives a nice low cost, while replacing itself in your hand, and punishes those max rank 5 strategies your opponent might be focusing on.

And last but not least, a handy little Multi-Stat battle card that you can not only consider for Titan focused decks, but could also make an appearance into mixed set decks relying on a few rank 7 characters.

MP is a precious commodity in Titan decks, with most well behind the curve in generating MP when played. This makes low cost battle cards that can help you conserve MP for other more cards that create more impact even more important.

Multi-Stat value

You could look to pair this card with Armoured Titan to give it more chance of gaining you a VP. And by giving you another card back in hand you can either keep the pressure on your opponent, or dig for that next card to help in coming turns.

Look for more previews every couple of days until closer to release, and don’t forget to check back again tomorrow as we look at another card of the week. This week we’ll look to team a card from Green Lantern in with some of the effects you’re seeing in Attack On Titan.

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #2

This week’s previews for the new MetaX TCG expansion, Green Lantern are painting the town red, and may cause a little bit of rage.

Red Lantern’s were previewed on the Panini Games blog yesterday, and to help expand upon the playstyle they are setting up, we are revealing our tied in spoilers.

Good kitty!

First up, the ferocious feline, Dex-Starr. This cute little kitty can add some serious leverage to aggressive Red Lantern builds to continue building card advantage during your battle step. He can even help in the mirror match as his effect is a field effect no restricted to your own Red Lanterns, so you could defend with himself and Bleez to continue the card advantage.


Dex-Starr gives more control type builds headaches to deal with, and as more players look to build deck’s using constant effects to gain more value out of their characters in play, he can help build more on aggressive builds to push through defenses. His only counter plays are decks that run General Zod, and characters like Black Canary who negate effects.

Watch your characters don’t get sucked into this void

To help build on the aggressive nature of Red Lantern decks, you could also look at including this amazing Event. Black Hole can potentially give you one of the biggest single instance card draw effects in the game. For this, the cost of 4 MP is justified, but not too heavily weighted to make it unattractive for deck building.

This card could feature in not only aggressive decks, but those with large potential for board control via KO effects. A potential outlets for this card would be builds like Firestorm who would gain a draw 2 off this ability without any further input. It could also act as a good bait/bluff for your opponent to leave some of your attacks undefended to save potential KO’s during combat where there can be anywhere up to 6 potential draws at the end of turn.

I ask you, Universe… unfold your dark reality to me

And lastly, this amazing 4 Strength Battle Card for Red Lantern builds, that features some sweet art of Atrocitus.

Being a Strength battle card, the only currently previewed Red Lantern’s that can directly access it are the three from the Panini Games blog, but it doesn’t need to be used by a Red Lantern. So you could add other aggressive focused Characters to your Red Lantern deck that can access a Strength 4 battle card, and save your amazing ongoing effects like Dex-Starr and Bleez.

After looking at these cards, and their potential combo’s with other Red Lanterns and existing Justice League cards, you could be seeing red. Just don’t surrender to the rage inside like these Red Lanterns.

Check back again next week for some further Green Lantern previews!

Game On!
– Trent and Kyp

Dragon Ball Z Awakening Preview #3: Black Confinement

Awakening continues to leave us excited for the direction of the game. With Set 1 Masteries being placed on the Frozen List, its time to see what value you can extract from the Evolution and Awakening Masteries in each style.

Competing with Namekian for most text on a card
Competing with Namekian for most text on a card

Our preview today helps provide that extra value in both the Perceptive and Conflict Masteries.

At first glance, you can see that this card could start competing with some Namekian cards for the amount of text and effects in one textbox. But there is also some great potential there.

There are three separate effects that can trigger a card being milled from your opponents deck, and the MPs that will look to use this feature in Black Style decks will be able to achieve most, if not all these in a combat to create a maximum effectiveness. The favourites in this class would be Wheelo, Raditz, and Nail.

Ideally, you want to be using the Black Conflict Mastery to gain two of the three effects. But you could also gain value with Perceptive and Cooler as well, to leverage his discard abilities.

Team this with Black Chomp, and you could be milling your opponent for 6 cards. Include Black Remembrance Drill and you can turn those destroyed cards into banished cards.

While you would have to be careful on the number of these that you run in your deck, it could help pay dividends to swing a game in your favour.

Check back for more previews later this week.

Game on!
– Trent (@TAKGames_Trent) and Kyp (@JustKyp).